Three associated with “Anonymous” on trial in Paris for hacking police union

There’s a follow-up on a hacking case in France that I didn’t report on at the time. Oh well…. thankfully, Catalin Cimpanu has the details:

Three hackers who were associated with the Anonymous movement are on trial in Paris, France, after hacking a French police union’s website and dumping the data of 541 police officers online.

The incident took place in January 2012, when the three hackers broke into the website of SGP-FO (Syndicat Général de la Police – Force Ouvrière), France’s biggest police union.

The attack took down the site for days, and not long after their intrusion, the hackers also dumped the personal details of 541 French police officers online. This data included sensitive information, such as real names, telephone numbers, home and work email addresses.

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