Time for a break

Hi Everyone, The last few months have been chaos, with constant hacks and leaks its been a hard effort to keep up wit it all. Cyber War News is run and owned by a single person and while we do get alerted to a lot of whats going its very hard to do all the tracking, research, confirmations and publishing as well as site maintenance, building and design ( yeah down shit creek with no paddles). All research has been done by my self and all tracking has been done by my self, with many late nights and even sleepless days i have ended up taking time out of my studies to bring you CWN, Now while we all have to eat, pay rent and do normal IRL things, I personally have put the site ahead of all those priority’s ( stupid eh? ). Its been very entertaining and fun, I’ve met some very interesting people and some worrying ones, not to mention all you haters and trolls <3. Well the times come and I’m sad to say i will have to stop putting so much effort into this, now i have had a real good think about this and if i do not it will effect me down the track, sorry boys and girls but its just how it is. So yeah, today will be my last day for a while where i dedicate my time to CWN. Thanks to all the supports, don’t go anywhere we will still be around and trying to find writers to help us bring you the content the world needs to see. If u want to help continue the site, with publishing articles, leaks etc… contact me

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