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urlOver the past few months there has been a new spree of hackers who have come out and started to make a name for themselves. One of these is @le4ky, he was a Member of the well known group UGNAZI, which means underground Nazis and they were not your original style Nazis, they are cyber Nazis attacking everything they can. Anyway enough with the UG stuff, this article is about @le4ky. While @le4ky has been around he has started to make a name for himself and as a result a bunch of high profile sites have been attacked and left facing the issue of repairing a system rather then preventing an attack. Well this article/paper is here to wrap up what le4ky has done so far, how he has gone in the media and what happened with #UGNAZI. OK now lets roll back to April when the CIA first started getting attacked. the first signs as normal was announcements made via twitter. On the 17th of June Le4ky also made the choice to leave UGNAZI, this was announced via twitter with a small explanation later posted via pastebin. *Update: I (CyberZeist) have opted out of UGNazi for some personal reasons and not becasue of th3j35t3r, and from now onwards I am not a part of any team.   * So as you can see alone, without UGNAZI le4ky has been on a personal mission to expand his knowledge and exploit anything that is exploitable regardless of what may happen. We had a chance a while ago to speak to le4ky and ask a few questions this can be found here. Its really anyone’s guess what the next target will be, as we can see everything from ISP to governments and even tribute sites are in sight and as many will know there has also been a lot more exploitable websites exposed by le4ky from their twitter account, these sites range from IBM, Intel, CNN, national guard, new york times, discovery channel and more. During the time of these attacks @le4ky has also experience having the site leakster.net shut down by a hosting company who was not happy about contents and then later on The Internet Crime Complaint Center  ic3.gov seized control of the domain while they conducted a investigation in to its contents, nothing was found and the site was returned to active. Overall le4ky has become one of the more popular members of UGNAZI, while being a lot more vocal and public with his followers and remaining friendly while doing so. ### Time line of attacks, oldest to newest dating From April 11th to June 23rd 2012


CIA, 11th April 2012. OK the first leak was labeled as " CIA Dox and Hacked Accounts ", the leaked data contains personal information from CIA Field Agents(stationed at Virginia). archive Also came a leak dubbed "CIA Take Down". this document has been removed from pastebin and all caches removed from google as well. archiveFBI, 17th April 2012. The announcement that the FBI has been hacked came dubbed as "FBI Owned" and was posted to pastebin with once again all caches from them and google have been remove, how ever here is the link. archive### May

US Satellite GOES-14 2nd May. This attack was tagged with a slight statement " My tribute to #UGNazi members " but the original leak has since been removed from google and its caches. The attack was in light to the at time CISPA attacks that were taking place by various groups and hackers. archive Washington State Military hacked** 12th May** This attack was dubbed as above and contained a pastebin file which can now be found on leakster.net that has complete server information as well as dns and a dump of accounts with encrypted passwords. Article archiveExploited INTEL & Baidu 17th May Announce in two separate tweets that the sites were exploitable, whilst posting the link with the exploit. This made its way to softpedia. Comcast Hacked 20th May This attack was dubbed as " Comcast Internet Provider " and was once again posted to pastebin but had since been removed but can be found in le4kys site. The leaked data was server information and a load of accounts with clear text passwords. Article Archive### June

**WoundedWarriroProject Hacked **7th June This attack was a retaliation attack towards @th3j35t3r, the site was attacked and data was leaked via pastebin but has since also been removed. Article Archive 250+ Federal Accounts Leaked** 19th June** This leak was announced as a preview leak for a bigger upcoming leak. it contains user accounts with emails and passwords for FBI and military personal. Article Archive g4s Hacked22nd June g4s was hacked a load of accounts and dns and server information, all accounts have encrypted passwords. Article, Archive —– You may follow @leaky on twitter or on their website https://leakster.net for any future updates or releases they may have.

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