Time Line: Attacks and Events from Operation Australia (#OpAustralia)

Operation Australia

Time line of events from OpAustralia. #### Contents

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In July 2012 Anonymous hacktivist based within Australia started an operation that was aimed at the Australian government. The operation which has been dubbed OpAustralia was in fight for the recent proposal of security and surveillance laws within Australia. The operation has also got the attention of Australian federal police and global media as well as the general public with many people who often have no idea about information security asking questions about security and data safety since the recent leak of personal information from the AAPT attack. ### Operation Time line of Events and Attacks

10th july 2012 ABC Australia releases article about information and privacy monitoring laws, Article15th july 2012 Sunshine coast website hacked, Article21st july 2012 workliveplay.gov.au defaced, Article Tony Abbotts website struck with xss, tweet28th july 2012 Hackers announce that they have got over 40gb of data from Australian ISP AAPT, Article s s Partial leak of data from AAPT Hack, Article29th july 2012 180,000 Persoanl details leaks from AAPT Attack. Article Further 28MB of data released from AAPT Attack, Article Press release video released to explain OpAustralia, Article30th july 2012 Further 300,000 Personal details leaked from AAPT attack, Article. 2nd August 2012 Australian and New Zealand based sites hacked and data leaked in the name of opaustralia. Article7th august 2012 Australian federal police issue warning via media to anonymous hacktivist. Article police.tas.gov.au tango down 8th august 2012 Australian Institute of Business Broker hacked and data leaked. Article ASIO, DSD websites taken down from attacks., Article 9th august 2012asio.gov.au ag.gov.au nicolaroxonmp.com sa.alp.org.au10th august 2012 Tasmania police and 8 other sites taken offline. Article web surveillance plans on ice smh.com.au Paul Ducklin of sophos.com interview about the ASIO attacks with ABC. here### Sites that have been attacked.

regions.qld.gov.au deface sd.qld.gov.au deface dtrdi.qld.gov.au deface www.science.qld.gov.au deface workliveplay.qld.gov.au deface smartawards.qld.gov.au deface asio.gov.au  ddos ag.gov.au ddos nicolaroxonmp.com ddos sa.alp.org.au ddos afp.gov.au ddos www.durachrome.com.au www.muswellbrook.nsw.gov.au ddos www.pyrosteel.com.au ddos www.leeclarke.com.au ddos www.act.gov.au ddos www.canberraconnect.act.gov.au ddos ccprod.stg.hyro.net.au ddos www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au ddos www.police.tas.gov.au ddos ### Video about the operation.

### Gallery of attacks

updates will continue as the operation does.

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