Time Warner Cable notifies 320,000 customers to change e-mail passwords


Rick Moriarity reports that Time Warner Cable is notifying 320,000 Road Runner customers to change their e-mail passwords after they were notified by the FBI that customers’ addresses and passwords may have been compromised – but not, it seems, by any compromise at TWC:

“Our understanding is that the compromise had nothing to do with TWC’s systems or processes,” the company said in an email to potentially affected customers this week. “TWC has found no evidence of a breach in its systems that operate and secure email accounts for our customers.”

Read more on Syracuse.com.

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  1. spagafus - January 7, 2016

    Well, it just might have something to do with their systems and processes. RR.com mail servers don’t support SSL/TLS and use plaintext passwords. Even if they changed those recently, and I don’t think they have, there are hundreds of thousands of customers still using non-SSL mail clients and phone POP3 settings.

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