Time line: .c0mrade aka @OfficialComrade Spree of Hacking, Exploits & Data Leaks

Over the past month or so there has been a relatively new player in the social hacker scene, his name is .c0mrade or @OfficialComrade and he likes to attack high profile targets that have critical exploits. Over the weeks we have seen him attack everything from radio systems to airports, banks and even shops cashier systems. As a result of all these leaks .comrade has gone from being hardly known to a well known figure in the social hacker scene. After weeks of leaking releases via other people .c0mrade had chosen to make his own account on twitter which was @OfficialComrade, from there .c0mrade had chosen the name similar to that of well known Rapper Nas, "Nasir Bin Olu" as well as creating a paste bin account under the name ofBinLaden.

Time Line: ( starting from oldest to newest )

June 1st 4,056 User details leaked after a Freemasons website was attacked. Article 170 Accounts leaked from United States Navy. Article We had a chance to give a first hand interview about the habbo, freemasons and navy attacks. ArticleJune 2nd Server and Database information as well as administration accounts leaked from Law.com. ArticleJune 10th Comrade first made a big appearance leaking 110k personal details from clarksville county , this alone caused a instant FBI investigation in the activity’s comrade was doing. ArticleJune 11th A phone call to the FBI sparks an investigation into the 100k leak from the 10th. Article June 13th Leaves the black hat hacking scene. ArticleJune 15th Releases  Exploits on Major Airline Systems, ArticleJune 16th Further information Leaked from the Major Airlines Hack. ArticleJune 17th ** Hospital Management Systems Breached. ArticleJune 18th CoBank & CitiBank Internal Access. ArticleJune 20th Warns of massive exploits across many sectors that expose millions of people. ArticleJune 22nd Cashier Systems Exploited. ArticleJune 23rd Dispatch Radio for Buses/Ground Vehicles Exploited. Article Kuwait Banking System Hacked, Exploited, 3k Credit Cards Leaked. ArticleJune 26th Mexico / Spain Telecommunication Network Hacked, 84,000 Accounts Leaked. Article June 27th** As of 27th of june there has been speculation and rumor that Comrade was arrested and detained, how true this is, is anyones guess but i thought i might just add it. June 28th Announcement made that there is a leak coming from phone towers, " got access to a couple dozen Cell Towers. I’ll be writing up a report about it very soon.". c0mrade had become re-activite on the twitter account @OfficialComrade and contuines to do so. June 29th Bangkok cell towers logs leaked after exploit. ArticleJuly 1st Anti virus giant trend micro and major corporation sykes breached, emails leaked with source codes and other information. ArticleJuly 7th Over 6gb of further emails leaked from the trend micro and sykes email hack. Article —- Any further updates will be added and announced. Follow @OfficialComrade on twitter for more instant updates as they happen.

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