TN: College, government officials among fraud victims in Gallatin area

There’s a rash of card fraud in Gallatin, Tennessee, and authorities have not yet identified the point of compromise.

On July 20, Sarah Kingsbury reported:

A recent outbreak of credit card fraud has victimized at least two dozen consumers around Gallatin and Hendersonville, including government and college officials.

Volunteer State Community College Dean of Humanities Alycia Elhert was the first to report the problem to the Gallatin Police Department July 13.

“Apparently they’re labeling me victim zero,” she said.


“There’s probably about 30 Vol State employees that have been hit,” she said. “We’ve had this whole email chain going around about it.”

At least two other deans and several faculty members were among those at the college who had their information stolen.


Today, she reports that the Secret Service has gotten involved and that:

The Gallatin Police Department had received 94 reports of credit card fraud as of Monday afternoon that were believed to be connected to the same case. The trend among the reports was that victims saw illicit charges on their bank or credit card statements of $90-$100 mostly from businesses in Florida, said Gallatin police Sgt. Bill Storment.

Stay tuned, I guess.



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