TN: Dumped Document Investigation Complete

Karen Zatkulak reports:

… It was on September 2nd, that we found the files in a dumpster in St. Elmo. We called Chattanooga Police to report the possible HIPPA violation. But, the patients involved were never contacted. Wednesday, we discovered where those records are now, and how patients can get back their information.


Spokesperson Rebecca Royval said the investigation was over, and the documents were now with [Dr. Iskander]’s estate. Royval says, “Took records to property division and held them until we were able to contact someone from the family.”


The family member I spoke with said after Dr. Iskander dies (sic) in February, they hired a company to convert all the files to CD’s for storage, then shred the papercopies. He said that company obviously did not do their job, and they have no idea why the records ended up in a dumpster.

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