TN: Personal Information Found Dumped Behind Mo’ Money Taxes

Memphis police are investigating thousands of documents containing personal information in dumpsters at a Whitehaven area Mo’ Money Taxes business. Now the tax preparation business is the focus of a federal investigation by the IRS for identity theft.

Officers were called to the embattles tax service’s location on the 4100-block of Elvis Presley on Monday, Feb. 20 after witnesses discovered three open dumpsters filled with documents, some dating back to 2005. The files were filled with customers’ social security numbers, driver’s licenses, phone numbers and addresses.

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Interestingly, this may be the second case we’ve seen in recent months where an entity points the finger at a landlord who allegedly cleared out office space before the contractual time. Mo’ Money produced a copy of the work order showing it had arranged for a shredding service to come in. We’ll have to wait to see how this one plays out.

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