TN: Tipton County Schools employee falls for phish, emails employees’ W-2 data to criminal

Lisa DeLancey reports:

A digital security breech (sic) has potentially put the Social Security numbers of Tipton County’s largest employer in the hands of those with malicious intent.

Tipton County Director of Schools Dr. William “Buddy” Bibb says the system’s employee records were obtained by an unauthorized third party and sent a letter home with employees warning them of the steps to take to ward against identity theft while throwing the full resources at his disposal at the problem.

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From a copy of the notification letter to employees, viewable here, it appears that that the breach occurred on January 23 when an employee fell for a phishing scheme and emailed a pdf file with employees’ W-2 data to someone posing as the director of schools.

According to, Tipton County Schools has 700 teachers and support staff.

“Here we go again,” right? Expect to see many more such compromises now that W-2 forms are going out to employees all over the country from businesses, schools, …. everywhere.

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