TN: Woman Finds Bags Of Detailed Medical Records In A Dumpster

Adam Ghassemi reports:

Last week, while unloading debris at the Sumner County Resource Authority a woman found a lot more than just trash.

“It’s totally reckless,” said a Sumner County woman who doesn’t want her identity revealed. She says she hopes what she did protects the identities of countless others. “It’s just unbelievable what could be done with that and just the disregard for people.”

She grabbed her cell phone and started snapping photos of pages of medical records she believes are from the 1980s and 90s.

“There’s names, there’s birthdays. That’s identity theft waiting to happen,” she said about the 50 documents she was able to collect, which were only the beginning. “Three large, black trash bags full of folders with medical records in them.”

The woman redacted names and piece of personal information before turning everything she found over to a Tennessee Department of Health Investigator. Tuesday a department spokeswoman said they’re trying to figure out who the documents belong to, and how they ended up in the trash.

Read more on: I hope the news station follows up on this one.

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