“Too late”: Cyberspace Solarium Commission report paints dark picture of US ravaged by cyberattacks

Lucy Ingham reports:

Along-awaited report by the US Cyberspace Solarium Commission has been published, warning of a “catastrophic cyberattack” that leaves the nation in tatters.

The report begins with an unorthodox start: a piece of fiction written by American political scientist Peter Singer and national security writer and analyst August Cole entitled “A Warning From Tomorrow”.

Written from the perspective of an unnamed US legislator grappling with the aftermath of a string of catastrophic cyberattacks, it paints a view of what could happen if the US does not significantly improve its cybersecurity infrastructure and legislation, where “everything went so wrong, so fast”.

Read more on The Verdict. This is a 182-page bipartisan report. And I hope members of Congress find time to read it and then discuss it in a bipartisan spirit.

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