Tool to determine if your email address was in the Adobe data dump

After the Adobe hack was disclosed, I received some emails from concerned consumers asking if there was some way they could check to find out if their details were involved.

LastPass has set up a page where you can input your email address and LastPass checks the database that was dumped online to determine if your email address was in it.  Of course, we don’t know if the data dump of over 152 million records was everything the hackers had acquired, but it might be of some help. When in doubt, reset your password and do NOT use “123456.”

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  1. IA Eng - November 12, 2013

    yeah….about putting your address into a tool that I have no clue what additional items it will perform is probably not a good thing. It will take less time to log in to / try to log into adobe and change the password. That way there is no harvesting of email addresses, or adding you to a part time email list for trying out thier “free ” tool.

    This is ludicrous is some ways – there is a database out there, with potential passwords on it. lets say Hummm 30% of the people have NOT changed thier passwords yet. Adobe has sent out thier letters and its splattered all over the web. Other sites like social websites are takling that database and trying to see if the user used the same password on Adobe and on their site as well. Thats pushing the envelope of a lawsuit. I think using a hacked database, picking a user and trying to log on with those same credentials on their site is unethical. At best, ALL sites should have a password expire policy and ALl of this wouldn’t matter, but thats too much a bother and may lower sales a bit. Can’t have that !

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