Top Hong Kong universities caught up in major hack attack on more than 100 global institutions

I had noted this hack already, but it’s interesting to see how it was reported in the South China Morning Post. James Griffiths and Ben Westcott report:

A number of major educational institutions in Hong Kong were allegedly affected by a major hack attack encompassing more than 100 universities and government agencies worldwide.

According to a document published by hacking group GhostShell, thousands of user accounts were compromised in the wide ranging attack. Speaking to the South China Morning Post via Twitter, where they initially publicised the attack, the hacking group said organisations were targeted as “they were part of the top one million most active websites on the net”.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKU Space, and the Hong Kong College of Technology were all named in the document, which was posted to text file sharing website Pastebin.

Read more on South China Morning Post.

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