Toronto Homestay Search Hacked, 14,000 Accounts Leaked

A hacker group using the handle Black Tiger Security has dumped a fairly big load of accounts from a home stay search website based in Toronto. The website was uploaded to with over 14000 account details. The website is for students and homestay family who are wanting to meet others in the same situation from all around the world. The website hack appears to of effected people from many different country’s, including Australia and New Zealand, United states and united kingdom with the website being a point of access for them all. This is not the first time we have seen attacks from black tiger security as they also hacked a motorcycle industry job search  last month and leaked over 6000 accounts. The hack has seen the usernames, emails and passwords which are encrypted all leaked via a single paste that was uploaded to All accounts have been processed by If you fear your account may of been breached, then use this site to check for your email..

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