Toronto hospital network issues ‘code grey’ as digital systems go down

Liam Casey reports:

A major Toronto hospital network said its digital systems went down on Monday and it was working to investigate what was causing the outage.

The University Health Network issued a “code grey” — a hospital code for system failure — but released few other details about what happened.

Read more at CBC.

Many people are understandably wondering if this is another ransomware attack like what hit Toronto SickKids last month, but there are no details at yet. In the SickKids incident, LockBit ransomware gang would later claim that a “partner” had violated their policies about not hitting hospitals, and 11 days after the hospital suffered encryption and major disruption, LockBit offered the hospital a free decryptor and claimed that they had banned the partner.  The hospital reportedly did not use the decryptor.

Could the banned “partner” have hit another Canadian hospital on their own? Could this all turn out to be a big nothing burger and not a cyberattack at all? Time will tell…..

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