Torrent site RevTT Hacked, 50k User Account Credentials Leaked

revttYet another popular torrent tracker RevTT ( ) has been claimed to be hacked by hackers going under the handle of Afghanistan hackers. The attack on the popular torrent website has left the site down but the tracker is still up and working. The leaked data was uploaded to another popular torrent website, in the form of a RTF (rich text file) and has a list of 50,000 usernames and passwords in clear text.   In the torrent description comes a short message from the hackers.

Hello, RevTT is hacked by Afghanistan Hackers !!! Over 50k Usernames and Passwords of Download and enjoy 😉 Login to your favorite account and change the password and email and enjoy to the maximum =) Leech, close the account and rock n roll 🙂 All passwords are listed in a document file .rtf (Rich Text Document). We have full database. all usernames and passwords of RevTT private tracker. This is just a part of usernames and password, we will release the rest after 1-2 weeks 😉 Just want to give you all a wake up call tht RevTT is not safe site, i respect privacy that’s why i didn’t release your IP addresses. So you better think twice before using RevTT website. Enjoy and Wait for next release after 1-2 weeks. HEIL AFGHANISTAN !!! Regards Afghan Hackers

As you can see they have made threat for the next release which is due to be within the next weeks and they also warn about using the "RevTT" torrent site. The attacks has most likely effected many users across many different torrent trackers and the RevTT site is currently down and displaying this message.

www is down, tracker is up. all users on the list have had their passkeys reset www should be up tomorrow sometime after a few tweaks. just to be clear the DB was NOT hacked. more info once the sites backup

So they claim they have not had a Database hack, so then what type of hack was it that allowed the Afghanistan hackers to obtain the 50k usernames and passwords. The leak file is a 648kb file and can be viewed with mx word or any other RTF viewer.

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