Torrent Site Hacked, 9000 Accounts Leaked

scanbits-org_ A torrent site has fallen victim to hackers who have obtained access to its database and grabbed a copy of it totalling over 300mb. The torrent site is and along with the dump comes 9000+ user accounts with full account information, emails, encrypted passwords and more. The leaked data has also shown that they website is logging current and old IP Addresses of all users to its database and putting them alongside user accounts. Now while we understand for a private torrent tracker to work it must know if the downloader is a registered/active user of that tracker. How ever there should be different methods in storing the data so it can not be so easily matched to user accounts. The leak also shows that alot of torrent history logging is being done as well as errors and site administration logging from users site actions. sql-users The leaked data isn’t really that critical but it does just go to show that even these services that are well known and used are not secure and that insecurity on such websites could caused a headache for thousands of people. The leak which was sent to us anonymously has not been published online yet and we do not plan to. We have entered all breached emails within so if you are a user of the website then you may want to check and change ur user credentials.

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