TR: Adim Adim hacked

The following is not a great translation, so what you need to know is that a volunteer Turksih organization that promotes charitable donations through events like marathons, was hacked. From Adim Adim’s web site:

Volunteers In Pursuit of Goodness and Their Donors Who Are With Them At Every Step …

As we have informed you before, our database (“Platform”) (ipk.adımadı belonging to the Step by Step Formation has been attacked by cyberattacks and unauthorized access has been provided to the personal data in the database. Despite the fact that data security measures have been taken in the manner specified in the guidelines published by the Personal Data Protection Board regarding the platform, unfortunately, this unauthorized access has occurred.

Data disclosure was first noticed on February 28, 2021, and then the anomaly in the database was detected on March 2, 2021 by examining the relevant database.


h/t, @Chum1ng0

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