Tr: Cyber attack against the company involved with the 1915 Çanakkale bridge and motorway project

DLSY, formed by four Turkish and South Korean companies: Daelim, Limak, SK E&C, and Yapı Merkezi, is responsible for the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge and Motorway Project, a project that involves 25 financial institutions from 10 countries.

The partnership was hit by a cyberattack that encrypted some of the files and servers. Yurtgazetesi reports that some servers and files were encrypted with ransomware. Data belonging to 20,000 people were reportedly affected by the attack. As also reported on Yurtgazetesi, the attack was detected on April 24. The  KVKK (Personal Data Protection Authority) was notified by the company. According to the notification (translated):

  • Some servers and files belonging to the data controller were encrypted by the attackers and demanded ransom,
  • The violation started on 24.04.2021 and was detected on the same date,
  • Identity, communication, location, personnel, legal transaction, physical space security, transaction security, finance, professional experience, visual and audio records, association membership, foundation membership, union membership, health information, criminal conviction and security of personal data categories on servers affected by the attack precautions, but it is not certain which category of personal data is affected
  • The persons and records affected by the violation could not be clearly identified, but the estimated number of people affected by the violation was 20,000,
  • It is thought that ordinary partnership employees, relatives of ordinary partnership employees and subcontractor employees are affected by the violation,
  • Investigations regarding the violation are continuing expresse

The notification can be found on the regulator’s site.




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