TR: Education Ministry database breach leaves millions at ID theft risk

Following up on the data protection/breach problems in Turkey, BGN News reports that a breach in Ministry of Education IT system puts ID information of 15 million students, their parents, and teachers at risk:

According to Cumhuriyet daily, the General Directorate of Information Infrastructure Systems as well as the General Directorate of Support Services memo titled “Password Security” warns that the ministry of Education is faced with severe threat of password theft. The memo underlines that numerous password details of numerous websites of institutions serving under the ministry has been leaked. Such information which is centrally stored on The Ministry of Education Information Technology Systems (MEBBİS) has been shared with third parties.


Similar leaks of the Ministry of Education systems have previously occurred. In Diyarbakır, Southeast Turkey the ID and address information of 872 children, who were suffered from sexual harassment and rape had been scandaleously disclosed on the website of the Diyarbakır Bağlar District Directorate of National Education.

In 2013, ID information of students in numerous high schools in İstanbul were anonymously leaked on a third party website.

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