Trading corporation of bangladesh hacked and defaced by Saadi and Hax.r00t

content/images/gallery/random3/hacked-by-hax-r00t-and-saadi.png Saadi and Hax.r00t have been defacing many sites recently and sadly we have missed many of them. Earlier we published four other sites that have been hit by them and now comes a big government site for Bangladesh. Trading corporation of Bangladesh was hacked and defaced with the same defacing we had seen earlier. We have also been told that they have hacked many other sites which include a forum owned by the PinoycyberArmy, which is currently displaying "Sorry, the board is unavailable at the moment while we are testing some functionality. We will be back soon…". The attack on the pinoycyberarmy website was due to them attacking hundreds of websites leaving them defaced. Hax.r00t had also restored a lot of these defaced websites. content/images/gallery/random3/hacked-by-hax-r00t-and-saadi.png

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