Trailer maker Utility targeted in “cyber event”

Nate Tabak reports:

Utility Trailer Manufacturing, one of the largest U.S. producers of trailers for the trucking industry, was targeted in an apparent ransomware attack that exposed personal information of numerous employees.

The California-based company told FreightWaves that it had “suffered a cyber event” that disrupted some systems temporarily. The company disclosed the incident after the Clop ransomware gang leaked over 5 gigabytes of data to the dark web this week


CLOP threat actors provided proof of claims on their dedicated leak site, including a screencap showing some directory names, and other screencaps revealing employee/personnel information such as compensation claims, termination records, and even some tax records. The screencaps revealed personal and sensitive information and have been redacted by, below:

CLOP posted a screencap of directories


A compensaton claim notice


Termination Record for Employee


Although CLOP is typically described as a ransomware group, there have been incidents (such as the Accellion incident) in which they did not encrypt their victims’ files at all, and simply exfilitrated a copy of files and then attempted to extort the target to pay so that the files would not be dumped. The fact that Utility Trailer told FreightWaves that the incident disrupted some systems temporarily might suggest that some files were encrypted, but perhaps the firm had a backup that they were able to restore from. Until they issue a more detailed statement, we will not know the full scope of this incident.

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