Trinity Broadcasting Network Hacked, Affiliate Credentials Leaked

tbn-networks-affiliates A large Religious television network has become a victim to poor security and hackers. TNB, Trinity Broadcasting Network has been hacked in a on going operation dubbed #Opleak by @XTnR3v0LT. The Site that has been breached is the TNB affiliate information ( > TBN broadcasts programs hosted by a diverse group of ministries from traditional Protestant and Catholic denominations, Interdenominational and Full Gospel churches, non profit charities, Messianic Jewish and well-known Christian and Mormon media personalities.[3] TBN also offers a wide range of original programming, and faith-based films.[4] More on wikipedia

The leak was posted to pastebin as part of Opleak part 39 but has since been removed by pastebin. The leaked information contains full personal details of affiliates as well as users. The personal details ranged from address, phones, emails, names, encrypted passwords and site related information such as admin roles. Source:

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