Trion Worlds hacked

Trion released a statement today informing their customers that there has been unauthorized access to a Trion Worlds account database. They offer reassurances that customer credit card information has not been conpromised. Players will be required to reset their passwords and security questions the next time they log in, and Authenticator users will have to reconnect their Authenticator.

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Joystiq reports:

Trion Worlds has become the latest in a long string of MMO studio security breaches this year, as the company reported an intrusion into its customer database. At risk of compromise were customers’ user names, passwords, birthdates, email and billing addresses, and partial credit card info. However, the company states that “there is no evidence” that full credit card numbers were stolen at this time.

In a message posted on the Trion Worlds website, the company promises that it is both researching the intrusion and taking steps to increase security. As part of this, all RIFT players will be asked to change passwords and security questions, and their mobile authenticators will need to be reconnected.

Read more on Joystiq. The notification says that the passwords were encrypted, but the first and last four digits of the credit card numbers were stored.

Updated December 28: Trion Worlds reported to the NH Attorney General’s Office that the breach affected 3.3 million.

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