TSA, HSBC in secret doc redaction oopsie

John Leyden of The Register reports on the HSBC redaction breach reported previously on this site, but also alerts us to a TSA redaction goof that does not involve personal information but is more of a national security concern or risk:

Blacked-out portions of a TSA document on screening techniques could be reversed by a simple cut-and-paste operation on supposedly sensitive portions of a PDF document. Security through obscurity is seldom the greatest idea, so maybe it’s just as well that the TSA’s Screening Management Standard Operating Procedure is now publicly available.


The document in question was removed from its original location on fbo.gov but was mirrored at Cryptome.org with the previously inadequately redacted material exposed.

I hope Cryptome has its lawyers on speed dial this week as they’ve really exposed a lot of documents that were supposed to be secured.

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