Tulsa Medical Records Turn Up On Ponca City Newspaper Loading Dock

I missed this report when it first appeared on March 4.  Emory Bryan reports:

Imagine finding a stack of someone’s medical records, with all their personal and private information. That’s what happened to a stack of records from Tulsa’s Saint Francis Hospital.

The records showed up in Ponca City, and it might have gone unnoticed, except for where they were found – on the loading dock of the local newspaper.

The story made the front page, above the fold, in the Friday edition of the Ponca City News. A 3-inch tall stack of medical records turned up there – in a stack of pallets shipped from a recycling operation near Tulsa.


Read more on Newson6.com. An archive copy of the Ponca City News article can be found here.

As new/recent medical records, these records were not slated for destruction or recycling. So how did they wind up where they did?  No one seems to know just yet.

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