Tunisian-Canadian Chamber of commerce Hacked, Credentials Leaked

cctnca-chamber-of-commerce-tunisian-canadian Hacker @XTnR3v0LT has been on a hacking rampage over the past few months with 222 sites hacked and data leaked from all so far. One of the most recent attacks is on the Tunisian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce site (https://www.cctnca.com).

The Tunisian-Canadian Chamber of commerce was founded at the end of 2001 with the aim of promoting economic relations between Tunisia and Canada

The leak was apart of Opleak Part 38 and was uploaded to pastebin. The leaked data contains server information as well as server and MySQL login credentials, member credentials and a phpBB user table. One of the member tables contain full personal information such as location, address, contacts and names as well as usernames and passwords. Source: ozdc.net

About the author: Lee J

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