Turkey: KVKK announces data breach suffered by Doctor’s office

From OneTrust DataGuidance:

The Turkish data protection authority (‘KVKK’) announced, on 9 July 2020, a data breach suffered by Doctor Atadan Egemen Koyuncu. In particular, the KVKK highlighted that the data controller suffered a cyber attack on 5 July 2020 which affected the patient information system and that the violation was detected on the 6 July 2020. In addition, the KVKK noted that the number of people affected by the violation is estimated to be 10,000, although the exact number is unknown as the patient information system can no longer be accessed by the data controller.

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The original Turkish notice, when translated by Google, makes it clear that this was a ransom attack, but it does not explain what kind of ransomware was involved and whether the doctor will be able to restore the patient database.  If any native Turkish speakers can obtain more information on this one, please let me know.

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