Turkey Ministry of Family and Social Policy Hacked and Defaced by RedHack

content/images/gallery/random3/happy-mother-s-gunuunuz-redhack-hacking-for-the-people-red-hackers-hacked-by-red-hack-team.png RedHack has been at it again hacking the turkish government. The latest website to become a target is a subdomain of the Ministry of family and social policy The attack which has left the subdomain (hizmet.aile.gov.tr) with a new look that contains the following message that also has a link to a dataleak. If you idle on the page for a few minutes it will also auto redirect you to the redhacks twitter @RedHackTeam. Message translated to english.

Hacked by Redhack Redhack-DG Virus- Anarchycrew-Loving Team-Anonymous-Lonzo Happy Mothers Day! 35.6% of women in Turkey occasionaly and 16.3% constantly raped by a family member. 97 woman out of 100 faces violence at least once in their life. 20% of woman in Turkey faces violence where gun or knife is involved. 23% of women graduated from university faces physical violence and 71% faces economical or sexuall violence. But our Family Minister is so busy dealing with the TV soap series. Instead of watching them govern the country. End to the family politics dictated by the islamic sect which legitimises the "right to a 4 wife". End to the "dirty war" politics that makes the mothers cry. End to the disrespect to our mothers, where Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan once said to the farmer who have complained about the problems they are facing "take your mother and go away". Mothers of the world unite against the politics based on the "blood". We dedicate our action to the; Saturday Mothers who are still searching for their children who were disappeared under detention-to the mothers from any religion, nation or race whom their childrens were a victim of a war. We dedicate it to the oppressed, self-sacrificing mothers worldwide. Hacking for people! Since 1997… irc.abjects.net#Redhack- Twitter.com/RedHackTeam- [email protected] Socialism for Freedom and Justice Raise The Flag of Socialist Struggle Against Imperialist War and Capitalist Colony…! Note: Prosecutor Hakan, how is it going? I guess we wilk be friends soon if we continue like this 🙂 Look we are still hacking even we are in the prison,how is it? 🙂

A google search shows the site on 4th of may as just displaying  the contents of its directory, so it had no index.

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