Turkish hackers Warn Of Cyber War

Recently the main media has picked up a story about some Turkish hackers who have been hacking the french. In one of the latest attacks by a group know as AYYILDIZ who has over 12,000 total defacement’s on h-zone has hacked and defaced a Turkish website with one clear message, they are ready for cyber war. The defacement which has the below message and video attached can be currently seen on the website or on h-zone mirrors

We are Turkey’s Cyber Army. For the sake of our country , we will continue fighting against the enemies in virtual world as we do in real world under all heavy circumstances such as winter,cold and snow.. We are never tired and we will never give up !We always support each other and we are always together in good times and bad times.We will declare Cyber War against all the nations having negative ideas about Turkey and our religion Islam.If you insist on these ideas ,get ready for cyber war !We aren’t afraid of anybody and we will give our answer back where necessary. AYYILDIZ TEAM

more reading about these [attacks](https://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2012/Jan-07/159084-turkish-hackers-target-french-websites-before-genocide-vote.ashx#axzz1iouTzSjM)

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