Turkish ISP TTNet and other carriers hacked by RedHack – claim

The Turkish hacktivist collective RedHack claims to have hacked Turkish ISP TTNET as well as mobile operator Vodafone and Turkcell. They announced the hack this afternoon:

They also claim that they have millions of records, and that the purpose of the hack was to show how although these companies compile personal information on over 90% of the population, they can’t protect the data from hackers with limited resources such as RedHack, much less foreign intelligence:


As proof of hack, they have dumped some of the data from TTNET, but note that they are only dumping the membership details of Ministries, National Intelligence Agency (MIT), and Security Directorate. Data from the general public will not be dumped, they claim, “as a matter of principle.” The data dump appears to include telephone numbers, email and postal addresses, XDSL numbers, and type of plan, although I may have the translation wrong.

This is just the beginning, RedHack notes, as they indicate they will be going after others who exploit the country.

As this is a breaking/developing story, there has been no confirmation or official responses from TTNET or the other targets yet.

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