Turkish Police Informant Files Leaked By Red Hack

@RedHack_EN have announced today what appears to be a fairly big leak of personal information that has come from the Turkish police. The data that has been leaked is Informant Files The leak was announced via twitter and has been uploaded to multipul file sharing sites.

RedHack_EN ‏@RedHack_EN Leak: Turkish Police informant files https://www.filefactory.com/file/2zdbz9jvk … orhttps://depositfiles.com/files/dgxtgh7mp  @hackers_conf @newsyc20@Cyber_War_News @CBSNews

Red hack have also announced that this is only 1 of 16 files: > RedHack_EN ‏@RedHack_EN We still have 15 files at same size this is only 1 of them.Fascist TR state & their lamers should stop threatening journalists and academics

they have also stated that there is further personal details of the informants such as address, phones numbers as well as stated that they only way that this leak will stop is when the "government sponsored lamers stop attacking journalists". > RedHack_EN ‏@RedHack_EN There is also a file containing phone no’s and addresses of people directly working with police.TR State hands of journalists and academics. RedHack_EN ‏@RedHack_EN Our revenge will be harsh,only way we will stop publishing these files is if so called gov’t sponsored "lamers" stop attacking journalists.

The leaked file is completely in Turkish and will need some time to be processed and translated to find out just how critical this information is.The leak file comes as a text file named inbarlar-1.txt and is a 77mb file and was uploaded to depositfiles filefactory and mediafire The leak also contains a brief message which is also in Turkish, but has been translated from the redhack blog> As you may be all aware, our actions are continuing non-stop since February. From that time our first action was against Ankara Security Headquarters and as a result seven innocent people got arrested and they are still imprisoned. The only evidence against them is a PlayStation Cd’s. The dominant powers then decided to transfer the investigation about us to a prosecutor who once managed the Sivas case to drop due to time-frame elapsed, where 33 intellectuals and artists got killed by mob of bigots. Despite this we didn’t stop and we were investigated by National Intelligence Agency (MIT) and complaint was made to Interpol. For disinformation reasons various news was made about us. We still did not stop. Ministry of Interior was hacked twice, 95% of police forces in Turkey were hacked, and other Ministry sites were hacked time to time. Lately we were declared “terrorists” after Ministry of Foreign Affairs was hacked where we have leaked document. All of a sudden cyber teams established against us have mushroomed up. Those couldn’t stop us with help of imperial powers such as USA, EU, Russia or China created “cyber counter-guerrillas” and created sites to vilify us. Also the government, that sees us as terrorists supported these people to attack other countries. They have tried various games to alienate people against us. Very recently attacks started against opposition journalists that makes objective news and lawyers specialises on internet. With the helping hand of the government those fake sites published personal details of these freedom defenders and very harsh/degrading threats were made to them. Just today another dirty “cyber government” attack was made against Birgun (OneDay) newspaper. This must be the very “Cyber Army” that was established against us by establishments such as TUBITAK, TIB and BTK. One of their employee quite recently announced that they will use a different approach against us, this must be it.  They will brand those fighting for the truth as a terrorist but will unleash their lamers against journalists, lawyers. This must be their so called “different approach”. As these conditions were set by them and freedom defender’s details are published with the help of government, we have taken a decision. Since they are attacking those people fighting for freedom, we will not let them walk alone. Starting from the beginning, we will publish all the leaked documents we have managed to gather, uncensored. We will only stop when they cease to treat these lamers with double standard and treat them as equal as us. Tomorrow we will start to publish an uncensored police informants file of 70mb. Since we are a “terrorist” and those who publish details of innocent people are heroes, then we will act with the language they understand.  We won’t play the inoffensive any longer. The choice is yours; either put the leash on these corrupted lamers that lacks knowledge of code or face the consequences. Lastly, we will not let those take sides with us be alone. We have plenty of jokes and they are funny but they are all real. **We don’t ACQUIT We HACK!****We won’t embarrass those trust us and walks with us, we won’t leave them alone halfway through this struggle. ****If we get arrested one day, we will defend our actions. Because bourgeois terrorists cannot judge us.****RedHack (Red Hackers Association) Central Committee14th July 2012 *****Hacking for the People! ***

If anyone can help translate these turkish attack better please visit our IRC.

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