TweetGif Hacked, 10,000 Twitter Account Leaked By Anonymous

Anonymous hacktivist have attacked TweetGif  ( and as a result they have dumped a .SQL file on which contains 10,000 twitter user account details. The account details are those that are used with the twitter api, such as authroziation codes, tokens, usernames and other basic information. The attack was announced via twitter a few hours ago and it would appear to be a very hot subject with many people already catching on to it. There has also been a pastebin paste posted with the following small message:

Users table from nothing serious like 10.000 twitters…

The anonymous based twitter account @YourAnonNews has been offering help to those who have been effected.

@YourAnonNews: NOTE: Changing passwords doesnt remove API access, you need to goto settings > apps > deauthorize app. #TweetGif RT @VizFoSho: #TweetGif passwords leaked. goto settings> apps> deauthorize app | via @an0nyc

The leaked data was uploaded to embed upload and contains a 4 MB SQL file with all the users details.

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