Twitter 0day claim exposes users emails

update: Turns out this isn’t an 0day but more a glitch in twitters own service and security. – Today a twitter user going by the name of @XTM_lulz who claims to be 13… and has a very long history of getting his account suspended on twitter started announcing that they had got a twitter 0day.

lol so i have an 0day to see what everybody has linked to there twitter, email + phone. without the starts.. any suggestions?

Shortly after the announcement XTM started posting to users their registered twitter email addresses. XTM has not disclosed how this is done besides saying this is "way to easy to do". > .. ur security… i rate it 10/10 @ourmine — XTM (@XTM_lulz) February 10, 2016

anyways check out @XTM_Lulz twitter account and if that appears suspended he has stated he can be found on a reserved account [here](  

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