Twitter confirms January breach, urges pseudonymous accounts to not add email or phone number

Jonathan Greig reports:

Twitter officially confirmed that a January breach led to the leak of information connected to 5.4 million accounts.

Two weeks ago, a hacker on Breach Forums offered email addresses and phone numbers connected to the accounts, which they said ranged from “celebrities, companies, randoms, OGs, etc.”


For those who have pseudonymous Twitter accounts, the company said it “deeply regret[s] that this happened” and understands the risks the incident can introduce.

Twitter recommended not adding a publicly known phone number or email address to a Twitter account for those interested in keeping their identity concealed.

Read more at The Record.

That last bit is good advice except Twitter demands that you provide them with a phone number if something happens to your account and you need them to restore access.  They also demand photo identity proof at times.  Perhaps they should stop making such demands of pseudonaonymous users.

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