Twitter GodMode still available to all engineers, following hack of Apple and other accounts

Ben Lovejoy reports:

Twitter GodMode – an internal tool that hackers used to tweet from high-profile accounts, including Apple, back in 2020 – remains available to all of the company’s engineers, according to a new report today.


The Washington Post reports that a whistleblower reported this to Congress back in October, and it has now been shared with the paper by a congressional staffer.

The former employee has told members of Congress and staff at the Federal Trade Commission that any Twitter engineer can activate an internal program until recently called “GodMode” and tweet from any account today, three months after Musk’s takeover […]

The new whistleblower said that following internal objections about the program, engineers changed its name to “privileged mode.” The whistleblower said the purpose of the program was to allow Twitter staff to tweet on behalf of advertisers unable to do it themselves […]

The new whistleblower complaint says the GodMode code remains on the laptop of any engineer who wants it. All they would have to do is change a line of the code from FALSE to TRUE and run it from a production machine that they could reach through an easily accessible communications protocol known as SSH.

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