Two firms join NATO to help with cyber security

NATO , known by millions, hated by activist of the modern day and insight of hackers from all corners of the globe, NATO has announce the partnership with two firms for cyber security purpose’s. The two firms will look after over 50 sites across 28 locations for the NATO and overall keep and eye on their cyber security. the two groups that have got the job of keeping an eye on this is Northrop Grumman Information Systems and Italian company finmeccanica Systems. Grumman which claims "We are a $8.4 billion business employing more than 24,000 employees with offices in 50 states and 18 countries." is an American based company while finmeccanica is an Italian backed and based company. Well either way lets hope they do a better job in keeping the worlds data secure then the internal team does and in the event of any further breaches lets hope they handle it like professionals rather then just lie about it without thinking about the problems it will cause them.

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