Two Hong Kong travel agencies reveal hacks and ransom demands

Ernest Kao, Danny Lee, and Christy Leung report that two travel agencies have disclosed that they have been hacked and ransom demanded. It’s not totally clear from their statements whether these are both ransomware incidents and if they’re by the same threat actor(s). SCMP reports:

Goldjoy, which has three branches, revealed on Thursday that unauthorised parties accessed its customer database containing personal information such as names and ID card numbers, passport details and phone numbers.

[…] Meanwhile, Big Line Holiday revealed on Wednesday night that hackers might have broken into its database a day before and gained possession of some of its customers’ personal information.

This was not the only recent hit on a travel agency in Hong Kong, as the reporters note:

In November, one of Hong Kong’s largest travel agencies, WWPKG Holdings, revealed that its customer database had also been hacked, putting at risk personal data such as ID card numbers and credit card information of some 200,000 customers.

The culprits had asked for a seven-figure ransom, to be paid in bitcoin, but the firm did not pay and instead called the police, who later managed to decrypt the data.

Read more on South China Morning Post.

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