Two Israeli Sites Hacked by @gsec_ for #OpFreePalestine

Two Israeli based websites have been attacked in the latest attacks for an Operation that has been on going for some time now and is called #OpFreePalestine, an operation by anonymous hacktivist to free Palestine. The most recent attacks come from Grey Security or @gsec_ and was announced via twitter on the 31st of august and has been posted to pastebin.

GSec ‏@gsec_ #OpFreePalestine –  #Hacked[1,894 User Emails] []#GSec @VizFoSho

The two websites that have been attacked are Connections Mag ( and Satec heating solutions ( which proves solutions for water and home heating. The leaked data was posted to pastebin in two separate files and contains the following message The Satec leak contains minor database information as well as a list of emails from users of the site. At the end of the file is a link to full database listing of all user emails from the site, the database has been uploaded to axifile

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