Two more ID theft cases in the news today

Ever mindful that breaches of N=1 are often devastating to the 1, here are two cases in the news today:

TBO in Florida reports:

A former manager in The Tampa Tribune sports department pleaded guilty this past week to charges he stole the identity of a one-time friend and colleague to apply for credit cards and buy a house.

By pleading guilty to a charge of grand theft, Tom Brew faced a maximum five-year sentence, but he was sentenced to two months of probation, court records show.

As part of a Jan. 5 plea agreement, Brew, 51, agreed to take responsibility for the house he purchased in the name of his former friend, Matt Severance. Read more on TBO.

and WYFF in South Carolina reports:

Federal agents said that a 40-year-old Lexington woman stole another person’s identification to get college loans.

Acting U.S. Attorney Kevin McDonald said Nicole Dreher was charged in a four-count federal indictment with educational loan fraud, aggravated identity theft and two counts of using a false Social Security number.

Federal agents said that Dreher used the identity of another woman to apply for federal Pell grants and student loans to attend Piedmont Technical College and Limestone College between 2004 and 2009.

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