Two more newly revealed breaches

There are two newly revealed breaches on the HHS/OCR web site that were not previously reported in the media:

Laboratory Corporation of America/Dynacare Northwest, Inc.
State: Washington
Approx. # of Individuals Affected: 5,080
Date of Breach: 2/12/10
Type of Breach: Theft
Location of Breached Information: Laptop

Lee Memorial Health System
State: Florida
Approx. # of Individuals Affected: 3,800
Date of Breach: 1/29/10
Type of Breach: Other
Location of Breached Information: Paper Records

Of the  new additions to the web site,  two had been previously reported in the media.  Of interest, the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada breach that was reported extensively in the media indicated that 5,103 individuals were affected, which is many more than the 21 face sheets the hospital had  aware of via the media.

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