TX: Alto city office battles ransomware issue

Ransomware continues to hit smaller entities and not just big hospital systems.  Jo Anne Embleton reports:

Being struck by a software virus is every computer user’s worst fear, including Alto city officials, who are now having to deal with the aftermath of a ransomware virus.

Earlier this month, the city utilities office was hit by the virus, carried in a seemingly benign email invoice, said Alto City Secretary Cindy Murray.

Interestingly, although an FBI agent had told me that they don’t actually advise entities whether or not to pay ransom, in this case, they seemingly did offer an opinion:

Earlier in the week, the Alto City Council discussed paying ransom for files hijacked from the utility office computer. However, Murray said FBI officials “did say they’d rather us not pay a ransom, because this particular (hacker) is not know for sticking to their word.”

If your business model of ransomware is going to be profitable, you need to establish a reputation that you do provide the keys and release files if ransom is paid. Obviously, whoever’s behind the Alto City attack didn’t read the business manual.

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