TX: Documents with Personal Information Inside Dumpster, Thursday Edition

A dumpster diver in Harlingen, Texas hit pay dirt:

“Social Security numbers, birthdays, home addresses, home telephone numbers, you name it,” he said.


Channel 5 News tracked the documents back to Harlingen Texas Motors, which closed last year.  But wait…. it’s probably not what you’re guessing. Read on:

We spoke to the owner of the business. He said the files were held in a storage unit.

“They told me I had a new credit card and the chip changed on it so they didn’t run it. So they sold it out or foreclosed on it or whatever they call it. So somebody purchased it on Saturday and they threw my files away,” Andre Cano, the owner of Harlingen Texas Motors, said.

Read more on KRGV.

So, assuming for now that the owner is telling the truth, who’s responsible for or accountable for the incident?

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