TX: Forest Hill council member victim of identity theft

Andrew Chavez reports:

Police want to know how a Forest Hill city council member’s identity was stolen and used to cash fake traveler’s checks in Ohio several times over the past year.

Ohio investigators say the man pulled the scam at least four times in the past year, netting about $600, said Capt. Gary Turner, spokesman for the Westlake, Ohio, Police Department.

He said the man always used a Texas driver’s license with council member Damian Dalcour’s identity — birth date, home address and all.

“It’s an older guy that doesn’t even look like me,” Dalcour said.

He said he hasn’t been anywhere near Ohio. Dalcour suspects his identity might have been stolen when he forgot his driver’s license at a local pawn shop and didn’t recover it for several months.

“It’s just a bunch of chaos and a big headache,” he said. “I guess I’m just another victim of the circumstances.”


“Victim of the circumstances?” If someone knowingly leaves their driver’s license in a pawn shop for several months, is “victim” an appropriate description, or am I being too harsh?

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