TX: HPD investigating massive credit card scam

Matthew Jackson reports:

Huntsville Police began a massive investigation into an international fraud ring on Friday after arresting a Houston woman with more than 100 credit card numbers in her possession Thursday afternoon.


In the vehicle, officers found more evidence of fraud.

“In her vehicle we found several typed pages of credit card numbers and access codes, many of which had names with them,” Foulch said. “There were also numerous slips of paper with names and credit card information written on them, along with more cards.”

In total, Washington was found to have 38 credit and debit cards in her possession, and at least 62 credit card numbers written down in her vehicle and purse, along with $3,000 cash and several gift cards.


During the initial hours of the investigation, detectives also established a financial connection to the Ukraine, leading them to believe that this scam is part of an international criminal group.

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