TX: Important Documents Left In Dumpster

Lindsey Reiser reports:

Thousands of documents containing personal information were out in the open for just anyone to grab. They’re in safe hands now, but, we still have plenty of questions. That’s because they weren’t just any documents. They were checkbooks, federal income tax forms, W2’s, 1040’s, etc. – more than what you would need to steal someone’s identity. They were out in the open, unsealed, and not shredded.


The trunk full of documents stuffed two large tubs and two boxes. And the more our management team sifted through the documents, the more it appeared it was a case of improper disposal. We found patient diagnosis forms, applications, resumes, social security information, checks, tax information, etc. We found documents dated from 2003 to 2007.

But it looks like the documents are from one office here in El Paso.

Read more on KTSM. They haven’t named the office, but I hope they do follow-up.

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