TX: Personal documents found in trash can

Brian Mylar reports:

Boxes full of personal medical records were recovered in a Castroville trash can, exposing thousands of patients to the threat of identity theft and more.

Gilbert Padilla was simply throwing out trash when he found the boxes. He said he found a goldmine of information for an identity thief.

There were boxes of confidential medical records from perhaps thousands of patients.

In addition to medical conditions and treatments, there were names, addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers.


The KSAT 12 Defenders traced the records to a company called Ayuda Medical Case Management located in a building on South Zarzamora Street next to the produce terminal.

The office is open but the owner said it is effectively shut down because the company lost its contract with the state in September.

Owner Fred Gonzales said the boxes ended up in a dumpster after he failed to pay the rental on his storage unit and the contents, including the boxes, were auctioned off.

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