TX: Pile of Sensitive Documents Found Near Bridge

Farrah Fazal reports:

… Hundreds of documents with personal information were found tossed near a bridge and could have ended up in the wrong hands.

In the pile of papers were receipts, invoices and canceled checks. There were also phone numbers, addresses, drivers licenses and a Social Security card. Most of the papers that were left near a bridge in the Harlingen area came from a company called Farber Enterprises in Kerrville, Texas.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS called one of the numbers we found in the paperwork. The man on the other end of the line told us he had applied to work at Farber Enterprises. The information on the forms is about two to three years old. We tried tracking down another person whose address was listed in the pile of papers, but they had already moved. We tried calling the company’s phone number, but it was disconnected.


The Texas Information Disposal Act states businesses must shred, erase or find another way to get rid of personal information of their employees and customers. It is unknown if this law applies to the documents that were found.

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