TX: Police investigating access to district files by Lake Dallas High School students

Okay, hacking or otherwise improperly accessing a school district’s files to misuse kids’ lunch money accounts may not sound like the crime of the century, but when a few teens accessed a school district’s files, what else did they do, and what mayhem could they have caused? Megan Gray-Hatfield and Britney Tabor report:

Corinth police are gearing up to begin a thorough investigation into a claim of identity theft linked to a data breach at Lake Dallas High School.

Assistant Police Chief Greg Wilkerson said Tuesday that a parent reported on Feb. 3 that his daughter’s lunch account was hacked into last spring.

“He reported someone hacked into it and began charging up [items on] his daughter’s account,” he said.
The case, which was assigned to a detective Friday, will be investigated as fraudulent use or possession of identifying information.

The charges to the account were made only during a short period of time last year, Wilkerson said. They could very well be linked to the data breach that school district officials discovered in December, he said.

On Jan. 16, Lake Dallas ISD sent letters to the families of students, former students and employees indicating that personal information belonging to about 3,900 students and 320 employees was exposed when a few students accessed two files on the district network. District officials said the information obtained included names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and lunch code numbers.

Read more on The Denton Record-Chronicle. Did the district have a breach that went undetected from last spring until December?

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